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Gerald L. Young Book Awards in Human Ecology

The Society for Human Ecology distinguished scholarly book award, named in honor of Gerald L. Young who is considered one of SHE’s founders and a recognized leader in scholarly publications in human ecology. The Gerald Young Book Award is presented at SHE’s international conference for the best books published in the period since the last conference. Any member of SHE may nominate books for consideration for this award, but a strong preference is for books that have been favorably reviewed in the society’s journal Human Ecology Review. Nominations should include name of author, title of book, date of publication, publisher, ISBN, and brief statements as to why the book should be considered. The deadline for nominations for this award is set according to the timing of the conference, with a minimum of a month prior to the conference to allow due consideration.


Dan Stokols. Social Ecology in the Digital Age: Solving Complex Problems in a Globalized World.  London: Academic Press.

M. Jahi Chappell. Beginning to End Hunger: Food and the Environment in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and Beyond. University of California Press.


Jason W. Moore. Capitalism in the Web of Life: Ecology and the Accumulation of Capital. Verso Books.

Shannon Elizabeth Bell. Fighting King Coal: The Challenges to Micromobilization in Central Appalachia. The MIT Press.


Robert Dyball and Barry Newell. Understanding Human Ecology: a systems approach to sustainability. London: Routledge.

Thomas Burns and Beth Schaefer Caniglia. Environmental Sociology: The Ecology of Late Modernity. Mercury Academic.


Richard J. Borden. Ecology and Experience: reflections from a human ecological perspective. North Atlantic Books.

Thomas K. Rudel. Defensive Environmentalists and the Dynamics of Global Reform. Cambridge University Press



Valerie A. Brown, John A. Harris, & Jacqueline Y. Russell. Tackling Wicked Problems: Through the Transdisciplinary Imagination. Earthscan.



Alpina Begossi and Priscila F. Lopes (eds.)  Current Trends in Human Ecology.  Cambridge Scholars Press: Newcastle upon Tyne, U.K



John Bellamy Foster, Brett Clark, & Richard York. Ecological Rift: Capitalism’s War on the Earth. Monthly Review Press.

Mike Hulme.  Why We Disagree About Climate Change: Understanding Controversy, Inaction and Opportunity.  Cambridge University Press, New York



Eugene A. Rosa, Andreas Diekmann, Thomas Dietz and Carlo C. Jaeger (eds.).   Human Footprints on the Global Environment: Threats to Sustainability.  MIT Press

Eric Chivian and Aaron Bernstein. Sustaining Life: How Human Health Depends on Biodiversity. Oxford University Press.

Peter Dauvergne. The Shadows of Consumption: Consequences for the Global Environment. MIT Press.



Professors Pierre Laconte and Carole Hein (eds.):  Brussels:  Perspectives on a European Capital.  Aliter Brussels

Monique Borgerhoff Mulder & Peter Coppolillo  Conservation: Linking Ecology, Economics, and Culture. Princeton University Press


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