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Lisbon, Portugal              July 7 to 10, 2018

Call for Abstracts 


Dear SHE Members and Friends:

The program for SHE XXIII is well under way. Many thanks to everyone who responded to the call for preliminary program contributions.  Additional contributions are encouraged up to FINAL DEADLINE of APRIL 15.

This conference is meant to be as broadly interdisciplinary as possible – bridging science, social science and policy perspectives – with literature, humanities and creative arts.  Like previous SHE meetings, it is intended to bring together a diverse group of educators, researchers and practitioners who utilize, or are interested in, interdisciplinary and ecological approaches. We look forward to a diverse and exciting program with an excellent range of speakers, symposia, round-tables and individual presentations.

A. Abstract Preparation 

Abstract preparation should include: The full title of the paper and name(s), institutional affiliation(s) and email address(es) for registered presenter(s).  They should be about 150 – 200 words and include three to five key words. Those who are organizing symposia should likewise provide information for all presenters.  Abstracts should be submitted as an attachment.

Please send all submissions to   In the subject line of the email please indicate “SHE Abstract”, “SHE Symposia”, or “SHE Poster”.   All accepted abstracts will be published in the Program and Abstracts book and will be given to the participants on the conference day.

Early submissions help the conference committee identify emerging themes and design the

program. Thus, we encourage early symposia/paper/poster submissions and abstracts as soon as is possible — keeping in mind revisions are always accepted up to the final deadline date.

B. Forms of Participation

1.  Organized Sessions/Symposia: Organized sessions should be designed to fill a 1 ½ – 2-hour block and involve 4 to 6 presenters. These usually consist of either a group of papers or a thematic discussion/symposium. The organizer is responsible for the coordination of participants and for collecting the abstracts for all symposia/organized session presenters which should include email contact information and institutional affiliations.

2.  Contributed Papers: Individual papers will be grouped on similar issues. Paper presentations (c. 15 to 20 minutes in duration, depending on the number of papers in each session) will be placed in 1 ½ to 2-hour time slots, with time allotted for end-of session discussion.

3.  Posters: Space and time will be provided for poster-style presentations. Submissions for posters follow the same guidelines as for a contributed paper, e.g. author, title and abstract.

C. Conference Topics — include, but are not limited to:   Sustainability Issues ~ Interdisciplinary Education ~ Environmental Design~ Eco-Arts ~ Human-Nature Systems Resilience ~ Fisheries Management ~ Nature Therapy ~ Environmental Migrations ~ Participatory Action Research ~ Ecosystems Services ~ Food Systems/Food Security ~ Urban Ecology ~ Climate Change ~ Human-Animal Interactions ~ Historical Ecology ~ Collaborative Planning ~ Conservation Psychology ~ Water-use Policy ~ Carbon Futures ~ Environmental Health ~ Literature and Ecology ~ Contemplative Human Ecologies ~ Law and human ecology ~ Reassessing Socio-Ecosystem Theory in the light of advances in Human Ecology ~ Social History and Environmental History … and more…..

D. Important Dates:

– Abstract Submission Deadline: April 15th, 2018

– Registration deadline (early bird): April 30th, 2018

– Conference Dates: July, 7-10, 2018

E. Conference Fees:

Professional (with paid 2018 SHE membership) = $230

Professional (includes 2018 SHE membership) = $300

Student/Developing Nation Participant (with paid 2018 SHE membership) = $100

Student/Developing Nation Participant (includes 2018 SHE membership) = $135

[A $25 ‘late fee’ will be included after the April 30 deadline]

To register:

F. Accommodation Offering Special Rates

This is the list of Hotels with whom the Faculty has a corporate protocol offering lower prices for accommodation. Please be aware that this is no guarantee that they will have rooms available due to the high demand for accommodations in Lisbon. You can start searching for accommodation in these hotels mentioning that you would like to take advantage of the prices accorded by the corporate protocol with FCSH, while also searching through and other websites

G.  Contact Information

1. All conference related inquiries, submissions and replies should be sent directly to

2. Continuously updated information about the conference — e.g., the developing program, keynoter details, payment procedures, accommodation information, etc. — can be found on the conference website:

3. All other Society information can be found on SHE’s website:

Thank you for your ideas and assistance.

Iva Pires,
President-Elect: SHE
Program Chair: SHE-XXIII


Welcome to the Society for Human Ecology (SHE). SHE is an international interdisciplinary professional society that promotes the use of an ecological perspective in research, education, and application. Find out more about us here

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter at @humanecology




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  1. Awosika Bridget Itunu / Sep 6 2017 1:15 pm

    Thanks for reposting the call For Papers.

    Please l need information on travel grant opportunities for the conference.

    I will be glad to receive traveling assistance to the conference.

  2. KUH V. PATERNO / Nov 19 2017 9:34 am

    can i still join as participant? aren’t you accepting paper, till this time?

  3. Jakub Zelený / Jan 17 2018 9:32 am

    Please, when is the deadline for registering for a paper presentation? Thank you, Jakub Zelený

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