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The Gerald L. Young Book Award in Human Ecology, named in honor of one of SHE’s founders and leading scholar, is given for ‘exemplifying the highest standards of scholarly work in the field of human ecology’.  The 2018 recipients were:

Michael Jahi Chappell – Beginning to End Hunger:  Food and the Environment in Belo Horizonte, Brazil and Beyond.

Daniel Stokols – Social Ecology in the Digital Age:  Solving Complex Problems in a Globalized World


Distinguished Contribution Award:  The Society for Human Ecology recognizes, at every conference, individuals ‘for distinguished leadership and contributions and for continuing support in the development and promotion of the Society and its activities’.  2018 recipients were:

Iva Miranda Pires – Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Igor d’Angelis – Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Kira West – College of the Atlantic


Student Presentation Award:  The Richard J. Borden Award for Best Conference Presentation was given to:

Best Paper:  Cristina Pinto Coelho – Universidade Nova de Lisboa   “Determinants of green purchase intention (GPI) — Implications for marketing communication”

Best Poster:  Jacob Zeleny – Charles University   “Combining qualitative and quantitative methods to evaluate the ecological integrity and ecosystem derived values on a regional scale”

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