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Human Ecology Review Pre-Prints

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Pre-Prints of Articles to Appear in Forthcoming Issues of Human Ecology Review


van Tine, R. (In Press) Reflections, Analysis, and Significance for Human Ecology of Pope Francis’s Encyclical Letter Laudato Si’: On Care for Our Common Home Human Ecology Review formatted pre-print


Pope Francis’s significant and timely environmental encyclical is reviewed, analyzed, and reflected upon from a human ecology perspective. The analysis includes comparison with various ecological, philosophical, sociological, ethical, theological, and economic schools of thought. His powerful and influential prose and poetry are sampled and savored with respect to their potential impact on solutions for our current grave existential global environmental crisis. His call for an ecological spiritual awakening is interpreted from both religious and secular points of view. Historical relationships between Catholicism and environmental thought are explored. Application to the field of human ecology is considered.

Book Reviews

Givens, J. 2016 Review of ‘Environmental Sociology: The Ecology of Late Modernity’ Human Ecology Review by Tom Burns and Beth Schaefer Caniglia [INSERT ACCESS DATE] url:

Note that pre-print articles appearing here will be moved to the issue of Human Ecology Review in which they appear at ANUpress on publication. 

These preprint pdfs are manuscripts that have been accepted for publication in a future issue of Human Ecology Review (HER), published by ANU press. They are the final version of the manuscript and have been approved by the author and copyedited. These formatted preprint will be reformatted by ANU press when the volume in which it is to appear is compiled. At that time, minor further copy edits may occur, and changes to the layout and pagination are likely. The Society for Human Ecology (SHE) is posting these preliminary versions here in the interest of making this work available for distribution and citation as quickly as possible. It can be referenced using the citation to the stable URL (insert the date of access) that appears on the frontispiece.
Once ANU press publish the issue of HER in which this article appears these preprint version will be taken down from this webpage and replaced with a link to the online journal at Future citations of this article should then reference the published volume, not this preprint. However, as the URL is stable, anyone following a reference to that address will still retrieve the pre-print version.
HER is a free online open access journal for members of SHE and other scholars of Human Ecology. Manuscript submissions following the author guidelines appearing under the HER section of the society’s website


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