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Robert Dyball

Human Ecology Program

Fenner School of Environment and Society

The Australian National University

Philosophy Papers Editor

Carleton Christensen

School of Philosophy, RSSS

The Australian National University

Book Review Editor

Thomas Burns

Department of Sociology

University of Oklahoma

Copy Editor

Capstone Editing

 Assistant Editor

 Ngaire Kinnear

Editorial Board (Associate Editors)

Annie Booth University of Northern British Columbia
Rich Borden College of the Atlantic
Debra Davidson University of Alberta
Federico Davila University of Technology Sydney
Federico Dickinson Cinvestav-Merida
Tom Dietz Michigan State University
Adam Driscoll University of Wisconsin, La Crosse
Alan Ewert Indiana University
Angela Franz-Balsen German Society for Human Ecology
Scott Frey University of Tennessee
Luc Hens Flemish Institute for Technological Research
Cassandra Johnson Gaither USDA Forest Service
Andrew K. Jorgenson Boston College
Stefano Longo North Carolina State University
Thom Meredith McGill University
Angela Mertig Middle Tennessee State University
Iva Pires Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Liam Phelan University of Newcastle
Mihnea Tanasescu Free University of Brussels
Joanne Vining University of Illinios, Urbana
Rachael Wakefield-Rann University of Technology Sydney


Jonathan G. Taylor and Scott D. Wright 

© 2019 Society for Human Ecology

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