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September 25, 2018 / societyforhumanecology

Delta Danube Life —- An Invitation to Collaborate from Mihnea Tanasescu, SHE Board Member

Over the last three years I have studied rewilding projects throughout Europe and noticed a big gap between the intention of building nature-based local economies and the reality of implementation.

To fill this gap and move research into practice, I co-founded, together with two partners, a social enterprise in the Danube Delta (Romania) to assist local people in making a living from wild nature.

Our enterprise – Danube Delta Life – is currently part of the business incubator at Cambridge Social Ventures at the Judge Business School. Please have a look at our profile on University of Cambridge website.

We are interested in helping develop local economies away from extraction of resources, but also away from overdependence on tourism. To this end, we are working with our local partners to create the conditions for attracting research groups to the Danube Delta, an area of incredible bio and cultural diversity.

We have a vision of research groups – undergraduate and graduate – studying geography (human and otherwise), ecology, biology, anthropology, and other related fields in local communities that can benefit from research results.

If you or other colleagues would like to take advantage of what we and our local partners have to offer for your field trips, do not hesitate to get in touch.
If you wish to plan upcoming field trips with your students for classes and seminars you will lead in the coming years, we are glad to work with you and provide personalized offers that fit the needs of your research trips.
For information about the area and what it offers students and researchers, take a look at these
sections of our website:

Please do not hesitate to get in touch for whatever information you might need regarding the logistical support you would need in the area and the research subjects you are interested in.

Kind regards,
Mihnea Tanasescu
Danube Delta Life co-founder

Contact us on:

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