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December 12, 2017 / societyforhumanecology

HER 23:2 Out Now

Human Ecology Review vol 23:2 is out now.

Special Issue: Human Ecology—A Gathering of Perspectives:
Portraits from the Past—Prospects for the Future.

This special issue is a reflection on some key contributors to the development of formative concepts and approaches to human ecology from across the last 100 years. It also contains commentary and reproduction of three papers presented at the first ever Society for Human Ecology conference, held in Maryland in 1985, noting the enduring topicality of the issues and concerns with which human ecology deals. It is hoped that this special issue will be just the start of a collection of resources of historical contributions and developments for scholars of human ecology.

It is free in online open access format at


  • A Century of Human Ecology: Recollections and Tributes—
    On the Occasion of the 100th Anniversary of the Ecological Society
    of America Section Editor: Richard J. Borden
  • A Brief History of Human Ecology within the Ecological Society
    of America and Speculation on Future Direction Section Editor: Robert Dyball
  • Ellen Swallow Richards: Mother of Human Ecology? Robert Dyball and Liesel Carlsson
  • Paul Sears: Cautious “Subversive” Ecologist Gene Cittadino
  • Frank Golley’s Perspectives on Environmental Ethics and Literacy:
    How to Avoid Irreversible Impacts of Hydro-Power and Inter-Oceanic
    Canal Development on Mesoamerican Tropical Ecosystems Alan P. Covich
  • Rachel Carson: Saint or Sinner? Mark Hamilton Lytle
  • René Dubos: Wooing the Earth, from Soil Microbes to Human Ecology Carol L. Moberg
  • Healing the Earth: The Relevance of Ian McHarg’s Work for the Future Frederick Steiner
  • Gregory Bateson’s Search for “Patterns Which Connect” Ecology and Mind Richard J. Borden
  • Introduction to Garrett Hardin’s “Human Ecology: The Subversive,
    Conservative Science” Richard J. Borden
  • Human Ecology: The Subversive, Conservative Science (reproduced article) Garret Hardin
  • Introduction to Philip J. Stewart’s “Meaning in Human Ecology” John Schooneveldt
  • Meaning in Human Ecology (reproduced article) Philip J. Stewart
  • Introduction to John Visvader’s “Philosophy and Human Ecology” William Throop
  • Philosophy and Human Ecology (reproduced article) John Visvader

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