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September 13, 2017 / societyforhumanecology

SHEXXII Initial list of organized sessions.

The call for abstracts is still open until the end of the week, but this list of organized sessions and workshops has been released showing titles accepted to date. Organized sessions are typically four speakers and last for two hours. There is still time to take in more. Individual paper abstracts are welcome as well, but do not delay, as the program is filling fast. The call closes on the 15 September.

See for abstract submission instructions.

Keynote speakers:

His Excellency Vongthep Arthakaivalvatee , ASEAN Deputy Secretary General for Socio-Cultural Affairs,  Megatrends in the ASEAN region towards ONE VISION ONE COMMUNITY in a Global Context. 

Regina Paz L. Lopez, Chairperson of the Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission, Communities in Transition: Implications on Rural Resilience, Biodiversity and Ecotourism.

Anthony Capon, Professor of Planetary Health at the University of Sydney, Health, Aging, and Demographic Change

Stacy Jupiter, Melanesia Program director for the Wildlife Conservation Society, Sustainable Food and Water Systems

Ranell Martin M. Dedicatoria, Regional Program Manager of ICLEI Southeast Asia, Sustainable Cities and Landscapes.

Organized Sessions and Workshops Accepted by 7 September.

A Half Century of Human Ecology Education:  The Founding, Growth and Influence of College of the Atlantic

Food Systems and Water management for Rural Development

Human Ecology in Practice: Applying systems thinking and human ecological thinking after graduation

Human Ecology in Latin America and the Latin American Human Ecology Network

Future Directions of Human Ecology

Longevity Challenges in Asia

Environment and Health in Asian context

Advisory Services for Communities in Transition

Pathways to the Promotion of Human Ecology Program in the Southeast Asian Region

Sustainable Agriculture

Open and Distance Learning & Phd in Sustainability Studies program

Best Industry Practices in Pollution Control and Management

Interdisciplinary Food, Nutrition Security and Food Safety

Contemporary Research in Nutrition

Social Technology Tools and Techniques

Social Impact Assessment

Impact Evaluation of 4P Conditional Cash Transfer Program of the Philippines

Disaster Risk and Local Climate Change planning

Best Practices in Labor Dispute Management

Best Practices in Community Development Initiatives

Country experiences in Remediation (Phils, Indonesia, India, and GEF Project)

Bread and Peace @Climate Change

Future Directions of Human Ecology

Global Alliance for Health and Pollution

Advisory Services for Communities in Transition

Academic Foundations in the Philippines: strategies in occupying hybrid, transdisciplinary spaces in knowledge for development

Community empowerment for Science and Technology

Best Industry Practices in Pollution Control and Management

Plus many individual paper abstracts across the themes of:

  • Health, Aging, and Demographic Change
  • Sustainable Cities and Landscapes
  • Food and Water Systems
  • Communities in Transition: Implications for rural resilience, biodiversity, and tourism

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