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November 11, 2016 / societyforhumanecology

Human Ecology International Conference – Universiti Putra Malaysia



Human Ecology International Conference (HEIC 2017)
18th – 20th April 2017 | Kuala Lumpur
Theme: “Towards a Safer World: Addressing the Dynamics of Human Ecological Challenges”

Human Ecology International Conference (HEIC 2017) is the best platform for researchers in the human ecology field, relevant international or local institutions, to share their knowledge and experience that will benefit the community and also to promote academic innovations, institutions excellence, political & economic stability, community development, social harmony, music and cultural heritage in forming the resolution to be the essence for the balance of the human ecosystem.

The conference will be involving representatives from around the world, cross-discipline in civilization, religion and values, resource management, family economics, community development, child development, youth and adults, and behaviors from the interrelationships between history, culture and experience to address the challenges faced by families, communities and countries in a dynamic environment.


For more information on keynote speakers, conference highlights, and registration click here

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