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June 2, 2016 / societyforhumanecology

Symposium on Ecological Wisdom


The 2nd International Symposium on Ecological Wisdom

University of Texas at Austin, USA, November 17-20, 2016


Ecological Wisdom Inspired Urban Resilience: Building Strategies, Tenets, and Practice

Symposium objective:

Provide an international forum for transdisciplinary explorations of long-term sustainability. Featured paper presentations will be considered for inclusion in the Springer-Nature EcoWISE book series under the same theme. (

Ecological wisdom is increasingly gaining recognition as an effective framework for planning, management, engineering, architecture, and design in social and ecological research aimed at achieving urban resilience and sustainability. Ecological wisdom incorporates practical and theoretical social and ecological knowledge with site-specific history and practice to develop strategies, tenets, and action plans that enhance our ability to make right ethical and political choices for long-term benefit.  Thus building urban resilience and sustainability can be inspired and guided by ecological wisdom.

Papers exploring theoretical frameworks for social-ecosystem planning and management, and the resultant adaptive strategies to achieve socio-ecological resilience through planning, design, and engineering interventions are welcome. In addition, presenters can explore the theoretical core and framework of ecological wisdom research, applicable research methods, and how to make the ideas, principles, strategies, and approaches of ecological wisdom become more actionable and practical.

Symposium sub-themes include but are not limited to:

  • General principles of ecological wisdom and its application in contemporary urban and landscape planning, design, management, and engineering
  • Relationships between ecological wisdom and contemporary science and technology
  • Exemplary case studies from trans-cultural and transdisciplinary traditions
  • Theoretical frameworks of ecological wisdom research methods and practice
  • Social-learning and ecological wisdom

Abstract submission:

An extended abstract of 800 words or less with a list of references is due on July 15, 2016 to

Ms. Ying Chen, East China Normal University, at (

Along with the abstract, an abbreviated curriculum vita of each contributor should also be submitted.

Inquiries can be directed to Ms. Ying Chen or the co-Chairs of the symposium organization committee,

Dr. Bo Yang, Utah State University, at ( or Dr. Robert Young, University of Texas at Austin, at (

Important dates:

Extended abstract submission deadline: JULY 15, 2016

Abstract decision notification: August 15, 2016

Full paper due: November 1, 2016

Co-organizers and sponsors:

The University of Texas at Austin, USA

Tongji University, Shanghai, China

East China Normal University, Shanghai, China

International Society for Ecological Wisdom

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