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December 21, 2015 / Rob Dyball

Human Ecology Review Vol 22: 1 Out Now!

Human Ecology Review Vol 22 1

Out now – online and open access

Progress in Structural Human Ecology – Guest edited by Thomas Dietz and Andrew Jorgenson

Structural human ecology is a vibrant area of theoretically grounded research that examines the interplay between structure and agency in human–environment interactions. This special issue consists of papers that highlight recent advances in the tradition.


  • Introduction: Progress in Structural Human Ecology Thomas Dietz and Andrew K. Jorgenson
  • Metatheorizing Structural Human Ecology at the Dawn of the Third Millennium Thomas J. Burns and Thomas K. Rudel
  • Animals, Capital and Sustainability Thomas Dietz and Richard York
  • How Does Information Communication Technology Affect
  • Energy Use? Stefano B. Longo and Richard York
  • Environmental Sustainability: The Ecological Footprint in West Africa Sandra T. Marquart-Pyatt
  • Income Inequality and Residential Carbon Emissions in the United States: A Preliminary Analysis Andrew K. Jorgenson, Juliet B. Schor, Xiaorui Huang and Jared Fitzgerald
  • Urbanization, Slums, and the Carbon Intensity of Well-being:
  • Implications for Sustainable Development Jennifer E. Givens
  • Water, Sanitation, and Health in Sub-Saharan Africa:
  • A Cross-national Analysis of Maternal and Neo-natal Mortality Jamie M. Sommer, John M. Shandra, Michael Restivo and Carolyn Coburn

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  1. phasbach / Dec 26 2015 10:56 pm


    There are a couple of articles listed here that might be of interest to you.


    *Patricia H. Hasbach,Ph.D.*

    *Northwest Ecotherapy*

    *66 Club Road, Suite 220*

    *Eugene, OR 97401(541) 345-1410**Email: *

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    *Recent books: The Rediscovery of the Wild *

    *Ecopsychology: Science, Totems, and the Technological Species *

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