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December 17, 2015 / Rob Dyball

Ag Kawamura, SHE XXI Keynote

Ag Kawamura, Former California Secretary of Agriculture, and co-chair of Solutions From the Land will be speaking on Commercially Viable Urban Farming in Southern California at SHEXXI, Santa Ana April 12-15 2016. Join him there!


A.G. Kawamura is third generation fruit and vegetable grower and shipper from Orange County.  He is the former Secretary of the California Department of Food and Agriculture (2003-2010). He is co-chair of Solutions From the Land, a non-profit organization that collaborates with farmers, ranchers, foresters and stakeholders to implement climate smart land management practices and strategies.  He currently serves on several boards and committees including:  The Ag Advisory Committee for the AGree Initiative; the Board on Agriculture and Natural Resources (BANR), a policy arm of the National Academy of Sciences’ Natural Resource Council; Ag Advisory Committee for the Chicago Council on Global Affairs; American Farmland Trust; The 25x’25 Alliance, a national alliance of renewable energy stakeholders; External Advisory Board for the Agricultural Sustainability Institute (ASI) at U.C. Davis.  He is a former chair and current board member of Western Growers Association.   As a progressive urban farmer, AG has a lifetime of experience working within the shrinking rural and urban boundaries of Southern Calif. Through his company, Orange County Produce, LLC, he is engaged in building an exciting, interactive 21st century 100 acre urban agricultural showcase at the Orange County Great Park in Irvine, CA.

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