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December 2, 2015 / Rob Dyball

ESA Earth Stewardship Initiative

Members of the Ecological Society of America’s Human Ecology section may be familiar with the Earth Stewardship Initiative project, which Alex FelsonEarth_Stewardship ran at ESA Baltimore in August.
He has sent along this link to a google drive folder containing presentations from Baltimore Earth Stewardship Initiative Yale UEDLAB
The folder includes: 3 presentations by ESI fellows during the ESA conference, 3 compilations of assignments by Yale students for each site, and a large and small pdf of photographs of the events.
Please also note that a Coupled Natural Human Systems grant proposal has been submitted to NSF.  The plan is for the next ESI event to take place in Portland 2017 with planning occurring at the Florida ESA 2016. Interested Human Ecology section members should contact Alex.
A final review for the Yale course will occur on December 11th from 10:30-3:30 EST.  Contact Alex if you are interested in participating via webinar.
Alexander J. Felson, PhD  RLA
Yale Soa and f&es
Urban Ecology & Design Lab
(203) 436-5120

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