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September 17, 2015 / societyforhumanecology

ESA Human Ecology Section 2016

better_buttonThe Human Ecology Section of ESA has submitted a proposal for a symposium at the 2016 ESA conference, Fort Lauderdale (August 7 to 12)

The title is Human Ecology, Human Economy: towards good governance of the Anthropocene.

1. Katherine Richardson, Copenhagen University. The Ecological Challenge for Good Governance of the Anthropocene
2. Robert Costanza, Australian National University. Ecological Economics for Just and Sustainable Futures
3. Molly Anderson, Middlebury College. Forms of Food System Governance, from Local to Global
4. Candace May, University of Louisiana, Lafayette. Governance Systems and Livelihood Adaptations in Complex and Changing Environmental Conditions: the case of Louisiana coastal restoration
5. Larry Li, University of California at Riverside. Building the Three Pillars in Harmony: the case of urban development in China
6. Steward Pickett, Cary Institute The Legacy of Past Paradigms of Governance and the Challenge for the Future

More information to come.

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