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April 8, 2015 / societyforhumanecology

ESA Human Ecology Section Travel Awards

ESA Annual Meeting 2015 in Baltimore, MD August 9-14, 2015

Applied Ecology Section / Human Ecology Section joint travel awards.


A number of travel awards of $500 each are available to fund attendance at Ecological Society of America’s 100 conference. To be eligible you must be a paid up member of either the Applied Ecology Section or the Human Ecology Section of ESA. (Student Section members are strongly encouraged to apply by taking a second membership with one of these sections.)*
Send applications to Gillian Bowser (Applied Ecology) or Robert Dyball (Human Ecology) by 1st June 2015.

Close Encounters
In 500 words or less describe an event that caused you to realize or reflect on your interdependence with the social and environmental world around you. In what ways did the experience help transform you emotionally, psychologically, and/or spiritually?
Please submit an illustrative image to accompany your narrative – ideally your own, but with the source acknowledged if not.
All images received will be displayed on a rotater at the Applied Ecology Section and the Human Ecology Section booth for the duration of the conference, with your name and source acknowledged.

Good luck!
Gillian and Rob (on behalf of Applied and Human Ecology Sections respectively)
*The Human Ecology Section has 10 free section memberships for students who are already paid up members of the Student Section and would like to also be a member of the Human Ecology Section. Email Rob Dyball if you would like to take up this offer.

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