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February 4, 2015 / societyforhumanecology

SHE 2015 Membership Renewal

We wish to thank you if you have already paid your 2015 SHE membership dues. If you haven’t, this is a reminder that 2015 membership fees for the Society for Human Ecology are now due.  Membership renewal may be completed in two ways:

  1. Online by clicking this link
  2. Mail or email the attached .pdf membership form

Human Ecology Review (HER), the official journal of SHE, is now free online open access at Moving to electronic format has reduced the energy and material cost of producing the journal, while significantly increasing its readership as measured by download statistics from ANU Press. We would appreciate it if you could promote this accessibility to your colleagues and encourage you to consider submitting suitable manuscripts to HER for consideration for publication. You can continue to receive hard copies of the journal for $20 a year ($10 per issue) by checking the appropriate box as you renew.
Human Ecology Review publishes peer-reviewed interdisciplinary articles dealing with all aspects of human-environment systems. This peer-review process relies on the voluntary efforts of reviewers. We would encourage you to consider volunteering as an ad hoc reviewer and help provide appropriate critical feedback on manuscripts submitted for publication in your society’s journal. If you are willing to become an ad hoc reviewer please also provide your area of expertise when you renew your membership in order that we might target you with appropriate manuscripts. You would not normally be sent more than one manuscript a year, and volunteering does not in any way bind you to agreeing to review so do, please, consider playing this important role.

Attached below you will also find the library recommendation form for HER.  We would appreciate if you would bring this to your institutional librarian for adoption.

Thank you for your consideration.


Ken Hill                                                                          Robert Dyball
Executive Director                                                      President

NOTE: The attached Membership Renewal Form is an editable PDF.  This means that it can be filled out and returned electronically.  First, download and open the file attachment at the bottom of this email.  Next, fill out the highlighted fields.  Once the Membership Renewal Form is complete, save the document to your machine.  The completed form should then be attached and returned via email to

SHE Membership Renewal Form
2015 Library Subscription Form

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