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Welcome to the Society for Human Ecology (SHE). SHE is an international interdisciplinary professional society that promotes the use of an ecological perspective in research, education, and application. Find out more about us here

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Deadline for Abstracts Closing January 15 – details here


The XXIst International Conference of the Society for Human Ecology (SHE)

Shaping a Liveable Future: Research – Education – Policy

Santa Ana, California April 12 – 15, 2016

New News

SHE 2015 membership is now open. You can become a member online by clicking this link You can find more details and other news here.

Human Ecology Review Vol 21 (2) Out Now

b-thumb-HER-21-2In This Issue

Two Kinds of Economy, Two Kinds of Self—Toward More Manageable, Hence More Sustainable and Just Supply Chains Carleton B. Christensen

Nutrient Balances and Management of Soil Fertility Prior to the Arrival of Chemical Fertilizers in Andalusia, Southern Spain Manuel González de Molina, Roberto García-Ruiz, David Soto Fernández, Gloria Guzmán Casado, Antonio Cid, and Juan Infante Amate

Climate Change and Society: Toward Online Pedagogy Jennifer Kelly, Aaron McCright, and Thomas Dietz

An Examination of Behavior Change Theories to Predict Behavioral Intentions of Organisms-in-Trade Hobbyists Jessica Mayer, Erin Seekamp, Jonathan Casper and Gary Blank

Who Is For or Against the Park? Factors Influencing the Public’s Perception of a Regional Park: A Slovenian Case Study Mojca Nastran and Majda Černič Istenič

Are There Relationships Among Racial Segregation, Economic Isolation, and Proximity to Green Space? Salvatore Saporito and Daniel Casey

Current Cultures in Threatening, Comforting, and Challenging Ecologies Evert Van de Vliert


Ecologia Humana Uma Visao Global By Ronaldo Gomes Alvim, Ajibola Isa Badiru, and Juracy Marques Reviewed by Karl Bruckmeier and Luc Hens

Structural Human Ecology: New Essays in Risk, Energy, and Sustainability Edited by Thomas Dietz and Andrew Jorgenson Reviewed by Erik L. Bond

Understanding Human Ecology: A Systems Approach to Sustainability By Robert Dyball and Barry Newell Reviewed by Liesel Carlsson

The Garden of God: Toward a Human Ecology By Benedict XVI (Maria Morciano, ed.) Reviewed by Robin van Tine

Cover photograph by Josh Winer, College of the Atlantic

Human Ecology Review is available online in open access format here.

Recently Reviewed

UHE_coverUnderstanding Human Ecology: A systems approach to sustainability

By Robert Dyball and Barry Newell (2015)

Earthscan from Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group. London and New York.

(206 pages) Reviewed by Liesel Carlsson, MSc. PDt.

The interdisciplinary nature of sustainability work often means those involved run into friction that is a result of differing ideologies, worldviews, methodologies, and moreover – a common vision of success. This friction is paralyzing progress at a time when scientists finally agree that the Anthropocene may be an elegant term for a period planetary destruction.  What Dyball and Newell contribute to the (hopefully) early Anthropocene, and to the field of sustainability in general, is to bring together their extensive expertise in human ecology and physics to first unpack and then bring together social and cognitive sciences, communications theory and systems dynamics theory. The result is an accessible read that brings the reader to a new understanding of how to overcome this paralysis to act strategically despite the complexity of the sustainability challenge, and collaboratively in an inherently interdisciplinary process.

You can read the full review here.


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